Infographic: Comparing 1:1 to BYOD

Here is my first attempt at creating an infographic.

The content of this infographic specifically compares 1:1 vs. BYOD as a way to help guide my organization’s thinking about mobile learning environments.

I appreciate the comments and feedback and have updated the infographic to reflect some of those comments. March 18, 2013

Infographic BYOD


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2 Responses to Infographic: Comparing 1:1 to BYOD

  1. Tim Goree says:

    Nice one, Mark! The only thing I’d question here is the lower cost for PD on the BYOD side. How do you figure? Seems to me that the PD would be of similar cost, with a possibility of more expense on the BYOD side. The thing I’m thinking of is the added complication of teachers not being able to rely on having a common hardware and software platform on all student devices. They’ll have to let go of standardization and embrace software that is open enough to run on all platforms, which may require different or added PD. Mind you, I think it is better for teachers to operate this way in the long run, but it certainly won’t cost less to provide training in that model. Thanks!

    • mpalmerston says:


      Thanks for reviewing and providing input. I have heard that suggestion, and did actually increase to the amount you see now. I have used a few generalizations for the infographic and you found the biggest one. I had initially used a 3% cost for PD (or $1,800 on the BYOD side), which seemed way out of line. Totally agree with your thoughts of letting go of standardization in a BYOD environment.

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