Mark Palmerston-I am From #ETMOOC

Following a great first day at #ACSATech Innovative Tech Academy, I was inspired to complete the introductory activity for #ETMOOC.

Mark Palmerston-I am From #ETMOOC

Powered by Go Animate

Here are the transcripts of the GoAnimate movie above:

I am from working moms and soccer dads, loving parents who raised four (4) independent children.

From growing up in a school, to a school leader.
From Montessori Elementary, Public Middle and Catholic High School, to a future doctorate student (EdD); always seeking the best educational option to me my individual needs.
I am from athletics: soccer, baseball, swimming.
From college rowing , to retired marathoner, current recreational swimmer and mommy & me gymnast.
I am from a loving wife who makes my life better each and every day.
From a house of a daddy’s girl and mamma’s boy.
I am from Family Partnership Charter School, Assistant Director, dedicated to each student’s success through leading and supporting teachers and improving instructional programs.
From #ACSATech Innovative Technology Academy, to #ETMOOC; ready to learn, collaborate, excited to connect and grow as a person, husband, father and educational leader.

About mpalmerston

Husband, parent, educator, and student
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5 Responses to Mark Palmerston-I am From #ETMOOC

  1. CogDog says:

    That was a fun video- I’ve not seen GoAnimate n a while, they seem to have a similar capability as Xtranormal —

    Welcome to #etmooc- I have our blog hub to look at your blog for posts marked for the #etmooc category.

    • mpalmerston says:

      @CogDog thanks for viewing and commenting. It seems like Go Animate features are comparable now. Looking forward to #ETMOOC.

  2. jacbalen says:

    Hi Mark,
    I have not used many video tools other than Animoto and Stupeflix. I should though. People like them, and it would be a fun way for me to introduce ideas to teachers (I am a lit coach).

    We are moving into the second week. What are you looking forward to?

    • mpalmerston says:

      Thanks for commenting. I too have been thinking about ways to introduce new ideas as part of my school’s professional development.

      I was able to attend the orientation, but watched the Twitter intro from the archive; my engagement was so much greater in real time.

      I am looking forward to engaging in a broader conversation about #edtech as well as expanding my engagement with my #PLN; what about you?

      • jacbalen says:

        I think this week will help me think more deeply about ways I can contribute to the learning of others, whether that is growing my PLN, working on my blogging, or learning about some new tools for collaboration, in particular. My system is only now thinking about the integration of technology into the classrooms. In other words, we are just now moving away from computer labs to classroom based devices. We really, as a system, have not yet processed the integration of social media tools into the teaching and learning cycle. We have a big job ahead of us. This is part of the reason I am in this mooc. I want to be able to support teachers as they are faced with the expectation to implement project based learning, problem based learning, or inquiry learning. No small feat.
        Week two….good to go.


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